Rinaldo Di Vincenzo
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    Rinaldo (Ron) is a born-and -raised Hamiltonian, who did his undergraduate work at McMaster University, and who graduated from Osgoode Hall Law School in 1988.
Called to the bar in 1990, he has had the privilege of practicing in downtown Hamilton ever since, and of serving the very finest of clients.
Ron has represented clients in our Ontario Courts, throughout southern, (and Northern)  Ontario, including at the Ontario Court of Appeal, and has appeared at FSCO Arbitrations, and at Appeals in that Tribunal, and at the LAT.
He is very much involved in Alternative Dispute Resolution forums, including at private and mandatory mediations pursuant to the Insurance Act, and has spoken as a guest lecturer at Continuing Legal Education conferences.
Rinaldo is especially proud of his greatest accomplishments; marrying the love of his life, and being blessed with four beautiful daughters.

Contact Rinaldo at rdivincenzo@vdvlawyers.com